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Nearly 12 years after opening our doors, our commitment to delivering the best service in the industry to Australia’s mortgage brokers remains as strong as ever. In fact, the only difference between now and then is that we offer an even greater and more comprehensive range of services.


Brokers who partner with Finsure receive:

  • Access to our cutting-edge Infynity CRM
  • Flexible commission options to suit your business
  • Access to loan processing services
  • Personalised marketing support
  • Proactive compliance and fraud-prevention services
  • Ongoing training & education from leading industry experts

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Leading CRM Platform
Flexible Commissions
Marketing Support
Ongoing Education

What makes Infynity different…

Infynity is the first aggregator software built for the modern broker. Developed by our in-house technical specialists, Infynity utilises the latest technology to deliver a user-friendly CRM solution that allows a broker to operate at maximum efficiency. With sophisticated marketing tools, intuitive data analytics and intelligent process automation, Infynity sets itself far apart from the competition

A commission structure that suits your business.

Finsure offer a range of commission structure options, aimed solely at maximising a broker’s profitability. We give brokers the choice of a competitive flat fee model, a flexible percentage model or a scalable transaction based model. Our brokers are free to choose the commission model that suits them. They are also free to switch to another commission structure at any time, without penalty.

Personalised marketing support.

All Finsure brokers have access to our support services, aimed at taking their business to the next level. We have a team dedicated to digital marketing strategies, as well as an in-house graphic design team to assist with customised collateral.  We also offer website creation services, public relations and content for our brokers’ social media activities to enhance lead generation and brand positioning.

Loan Processing Support

Our Broker Support Service allows brokers to focus more on their business growth and less on mundane administration tasks.

  • CRM data entry.
  • Generating and uploading compliance documents.
  • Creating and lodging lender application forms.
  • Submitting loan application support documents.
  • Coordinating and tracking the application until settlement.

With these cumbersome tasks taken off your plate, you can focus on building your business.

Expert Training

Our learning and development team call upon their decades of experience to provide the best training program in the industry. This includes comprehensive modules, regular one-on-one meetings, broker group sessions, professional development days and individual master classes hosted by industry experts.

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