Give your business an advantage with our Infynity CRM.

Our Infynity CRM is the latest and most advanced aggregator software in the market, utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance both the broker and customer experience. Book your free demo today by completing the form, and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm the most convenient time.

Infynity CRM Features

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Innovative client centre
  • Automated processes to save time
  • Sophisticated marketing tools
  • Third-party integrations
  • Inbuilt compliance functionality
  • And much more!

What makes Infynity different…

Infynity is the first aggregator software built for the modern broker. Developed by our in-house technical specialists, Infynity utilises the latest technology to deliver a user-friendly CRM solution that allows a broker to operate at maximum efficiency. With sophisticated marketing tools, intuitive data analytics and intelligent process automation, Infynity sets itself far apart from the competition

Intelligent integrations suited to your business

The system integrates 3rd party applications and offers services that enhance a broker’s business and help develop additional revenue streams. Some of the integrations available in our Service Store include a customer leads program, SMS marketing tools, property referral partnerships, educational tools and much more!

Sophisticated Marketing Tools

You’ll get better cut-through to both your clients and new leads thanks to our broad range of intelligent marketing tools. This includes SMS marketing, targeted email campaigns, automated ‘customer journeys’, social media integration, and plenty more!

Simplifies Compliance 

Compliance and customer outcomes are central to Infynity’s core functionality, reflecting the recommendations of the Royal Commission and subsequent industry discussions. By utilising intelligent data analytics tools, brokers remain on top of their compliance obligations without compromising the speed of an application.

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