At Finsure, we pride ourselves on our ability to support our brokers’ needs and help them maximise their success. To do this, we offer a comprehensive range of business support services including marketing support, technology support and ongoing education.

In addition to our regular support services, we are providing brokers with additional services to assist with administrative tasks and fraud prevention.

Support Services

  • CRM Data Entry
  • Lodging applications
  • Fraud checks & prevention
  • Credit policy guidance

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Loan Processing Support

Our Broker Support Service allows brokers to focus more on their business growth and less on mundane administration tasks.

  • CRM data entry.
  • Generating and uploading compliance documents.
  • Creating and lodging lender application forms.
  • Submitting loan application support documents.
  • Coordinating and tracking the application until settlement.

With these cumbersome tasks taken off your plate, you can focus on building your business.

Fraud Prevention Service

In the last two years the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has had loan application and other mortgage-related fraud in its sights. The government also announced new measures to promote best practices in the industry to prevent fraud, especially around home loans.

To help brokers navigate through these changes, we are providing brokers with a dedicated fraud prevention specialist to assist you.

Credit Concierge

Our credit concierge gives you access to a dedicated credit specialist, who will assist you with lending policy queries and complicated loan scenarios. After being informed of your clients scenario, our credit concierge will provide you with policy solutions and recommendations on which lender will be best suited for approval.

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